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Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) 

The purpose of the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) is to reimburse Plan participants for all or part of costs they have incurred for eligible services and products, as identified in the Plan Document, only after they have taken advantage of benefits provided by their provincial/territorial health insurance plan or other third party sources of health care expense assistance to which the participant has a legal right.  Unless otherwise specified in the Plan Document, all eligible services and products must be prescribed by a physician or a dentist who is licensed, or otherwise authorised in accordance with the applicable law, to practice in the jurisdiction in which the prescription is made.

The PSHCP reimburses eligible expenses on a 'reasonable and customary' basis to ensure that the level of charges are within reason in the geographic area where the expense is incurred, subject to limitations which are identified in the Plan Document.

Complete details on the PSHCP are set out in the PSHCP Plan Document.

PSHCP members may also visit the PSHCP Web site for additional information.

To learn more about on-line access to Sun Life Financial, check out the following e-tutorials:

Disclaimer: the information contained in the e-tutorials is designed to provide an overview of the site and functionality. The values and benefit information contained in the e-tutorial are not specific to the PSHCP or the PDSP. For a true representation of the website, PDSP and/or PSHCP members will need to obtain an access ID and password and log on to the site at www.sunlife.ca/PSHCP and www.sunlife.ca/PDSP. For assistance, please contact the Sun Life Financial customer care centre at: 1-888-757-7427 or 613-247-5100.

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